Getting What You Need After an Accident

5 Monetary Tips To Help Your Finances Bounce Back After Bankruptcy

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Filing bankruptcy is no small matter. People who file for bankruptcy will face negative circumstances. They also must deal with the hindrances to their credit and finance-related opportunities. The following information will provide you with monetary tips to help your finances bounce back after Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 1. Make a Budget A budget will be necessary starting as soon as you file for bankruptcy. You need to stick to a budget to avoid getting yourself back into the same situation. A budget will: Force you to only spend a limited amount...

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Why And How To Protect Your Children Against Your Debts

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The U.S. population is aging fast, mostly because many baby boomers are set to leave the workforce, as they’re nearing retirement. While this will benefit the younger generation due to the newly created job vacancies, it’ll also lead to more healthcare issues for seniors, as medical costs rise with aging. And the higher their frequency, the faster the retirement savings are used up. When things take this turn, and parents didn’t inform their kids about their issues, bad repercussions occur. Here’s why and how to...

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3 Often-Overlooked Reasons To Walk Down The Aisle Again

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More and more people in today’s society are putting off another marriage after they go through a divorce. Whether you feel that the financial responsibility of a second marriage is too great, or you just don’t want to settle down, it is important to recognize that marriage comes with many benefits. Here are three often-overlooked reasons why you shouldn’t avoid remarrying after a divorce. 1. Marriage Could Extend Your Lifespan Living a long, healthy life is a goal shared by many people today. Did you know that marriage could...

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Parents: Discard These Three Child Abuse Myths

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Some parents do not always act when they suspect that their partners are abusing their children, especially if they don’t have concrete evidence yet. In many cases, they are reluctant to accept the grim possibility that their “normal” partners can be that cruel. In many cases, this reluctance to accept the possibility of abuse hinges on three myths, namely: Only “Bad People” Commit Child Abuse When thinking of perpetrators of child abuse, many people conjure up parents who are violent, addicted to drugs,...

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Is It Legal To Run A “Dead Red” Light With Your Motorcycle?

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Have you ever pulled up to a sensor-activated red light and just sat there…and sat there? Those “dead red” lights can be frustrating and leave you puzzled about how to proceed. Now, imagine that’s a problem that you encounter nearly every time that you’re on the road. If you drive a motorcycle, it’s probably a familiar feeling. Do you know how to handle the situation? Metal And Weight Are The Major Triggers Sensors on traffic lights are nothing new. They help control traffic flow and keep things moving both...

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Fighting Battles

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Automotive collision/injury insurance claims are complex. You pay insurance premiums to protect the value of your vehicle, and to protect you in the event that you damage someone else’s vehicle. Personal injury coverage should be required on your policy as well. What happens when someone else damages your person or car, and their insurance company refuses to pay? This scenario is quite common, and requires the helpful assistance of a personal injury attorney or car accident attorney.  Liability The acceptance or refusal to accept...

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7 Common Issues In A Contested Divorce

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If you are served with divorce papers, but you contest the divorce, your spouse must prove the case in court in order for a judge to grant the divorce. Even if you don’t want to stay married to the person, there may be other reasons why you choose to contest the divorce. Normally, the court will not grant the divorce until all issues have been resolved either by mutual agreement or trial. Unresolved issues commonly relate to: 1. Grounds for divorce By challenging the grounds for divorce, the court will look at which spouse is at...

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An Overview Of Slip And Fall Accidents

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In 2013 alone, the number of work-related injuries attributed to slips, falls, and trips amounted to 229,190. In the same year, nearly 700 individuals died as a result of a slip, fall, or trip while on the job. In many cases, these incidents fall under United States tort law–negligence on the part of the property owner led to a dangerous situation that caused an individual to slip or trip, resulting in an injury. With these types of injuries making up as much as 15 percent of all work-related injuries, personal injury attorneys, such as...

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3 Unusual Situations That May Qualify For Workers Compensation

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When you’re injured at work while performing your normally assigned duties, your workers’ compensation case is likely to be cut and dried. But what if you were injured while doing something work-related off-premises, or while doing something that isn’t normally in the scope of your duties? The water can get murkier in those cases, and your employer is more likely to appeal your claim if you were out of the building or doing something unusual. However, you may still have a case. Check out the following three unusual...

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What Are My Rights To Legal Counsel?

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Have you recently been arrested for a crime and find yourself wondering what your rights are with regard to legal counsel? In the United States, the right to legal counsel in criminal proceedings is outlined in the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The accused party in a criminal case has the right to consult with an attorney, as well as to have an attorney represent them in court. There are five specific rights that are outlined in the assistance of counsel clause of the Sixth Amendment. Appointment of Counsel The rights...

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